Our Slalom-Race-Carbon fins

Are made by THM-Carbones (THM-carbones.de) a German leading carbon fibre components specialist. THM is well known in producing high tech carbon parts for bikes as cranks, brakes and forks.

Her advanced knowledge in manufacturing and productions enables us to get the best fins with the highest precision and the lowest weight. By using the RTM approach (Resin Transfer Moulding) where the heated resin is pressed through the steel mold with the inserted fibre the fin comes out with a perfect finish. There is no hand work after the fibre is inserted so every fin is identical in form and stiffness. The weight between fins varies only by 2g. Further this technique allows us to realize very thin foils with the required stiffness which gives the fin the superiour performance capabilities.


The fin bending characteristics are optimized to the fin length in order to provide best controllability and speed performance.