The diagrams should help you to determine the correct fin length for your board. It shows the necessary length based on board volume/sail size.

All recommendations are based on an 80-kg sailor. For every 10 kg more/less, one size bigger/smaller should be chosen. All recommendations are meant as a guideline only. An individual fin length can differ and depends on several other factors like skill level, board width, conditions etc. Feel free to contact us for individual advice! 










Fin size as a function of board volume, sail size and body weight




Speed Fin Selector

In order to reach high speed all components (Sail, Board, Fin) of your gear must be optimized to the aiming speed.

For the fin it means that the right fin area have to be chosen in order to minimize the drag of the fin.

In general the maximal possible speed you can reach is limited by physical reasons.

That’s your weight (+weight vest) and especially the conditions of wind, course and level of waves.

The conditions and the fin you need are shown below assuming flat water and a course of about 140 degrees to the wind.

Wind strength, kts   20 30 35 40 45 50
max. Speed, kts 32 42 46 50 52 54
Speed-02 Fin, cm  26  26 24 22 20 18


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